Car headliner

The Headliner fabric we carry is 100% polyester, laminated to 1/4″ quality foam, OEM colour matched, is available in various colours and is available in 54″ and 60″ widths. Whether you are looking for car headliner, auto headliner, boat headliner, marine headliner, or headlining for any other type of application give us a call.

How to Clean Car Headliner - Step 1 - Use Aerosol Upholstery Cleaner, Step 2 - Wipe off the Corners, Crevices, and Consoles, 3 - Deep Cleaning, Step 4 - Rub the Surface, Step 5 - Remove Moisture. If your vehicle originally came with a bow style headliner, we have cloth or vinyl bow supported headliner options. ABS Headliner Boards Designed to replace your original automotive headliner board.Can be ordered with or without fabric. Vacuumed formed for a custom fit. More Info › Bow Supported Headliners.

What is a headliner? The headliner of a car is the material that is stuck to the inside of the roof of your vehicle. Typically, the headliner is composed of a face fabric with either a foam backing or a non-woven material. The headliners usually are made of multiple layers, which in turn, provide multiple functionalities.




Complete Interior Cleaning Kit. Write a review. -25%. $27.75. was $37.00. Removes heavy-duty stains and soil buildup from interior plastics, vinyl, leather, and synthetic materials. Powerful Odor-X chemistry seeks and destroys unpleasant odors for a fresh car interior for up to 30 days. Smooth, non-sticky formula goes on with easy spray-and.

A report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) provides 360-degree analysis of the global Automotive Headliner (OE) market. Hence, readers get access to thorough assessment of important factors including the growth drivers, challenges, R&Ds, and business expansion opportunities in the market during the forecast period, 2022 to 2032.

Make sure that you don’t leave too much water on the sponge because it will cause the headliner to soak. 5. Clean the headliner with the sponge. Use the sponge to clean the headliner by loosening the dirt in about 15-inch by 15-inch sections a time. Overlap the sections so you don’t end up with water spots.